Increase family savings

Use these creative cost-cutting techniques to save more on everything from kids' clothes to family meals.

6 strategies to spend less on baby gear

Learn how to save on baby costs where you can.

Baby cost

1. Find discounts on all your parenting needs at, which scours the Web for the best deals every week.

2. Join Amazon Mom at for deals on diapers and related accessories (30 percent off), plus the free delivery extends to most Amazon items.

3. Buy and sell it all at, which donates 2 percent of all proceeds to children’s charities. Babies grow so fast that it’s easy to find items in top condition on the cheap.

4. Tap into online trading tools for baby and maternity gear at and

5. Lean on your friends: Everybody wants to help with a new baby, so let people give you their used gear, throw you a shower and pass down their advice. Anyone who has already had a child understands that it’s a waste to purchase new for a baby and will want to help.

6. Don’t buy the hype: New parents are inundated with pressure to buy all sorts of gadgets and conveniences for their bundles of joy. But the fact is, all a baby needs is love, warmth and food. It doesn’t care about a beautiful nursery, a fancy stroller system or wipe holders.