How To Become a Product Tester and Earn Rewards

You can score discounts and freebies by putting your opinion to work testing new products

Test products

Companies want your input on their new products, and you can benefit from offering it. Visit these sites to let your voice be heard--and snag some freebies in the process!

  • Throw a house party for your friends to introduce a new TV show, food, beverage, CD or another product. One recent example: a Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party for moms and toddlers, which featured a streaming live kids’ concert. The host received reward stickers and a coupon for free Pull-Ups.
  • How it works: Apply online to host one of the events listed (if you don’t see any products that interest you, sign up to be notified of future opportunities). If you’re chosen, the site will help you send out invitations and manage RSVPs. After your party, you fill out a survey and share your experience through photos, videos and social-networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Need to know: Tens of thousands apply for a limited number of hosting spots, but only 1,000 are picked. Being socially connected online can improve your chances, as can an enthusiastic, outgoing personality.

  • Test new products, offer honest feedback on lively discussion boards and score exclusive deals from popular manufacturers.
  • How it works: Fill out a welcome survey to become eligible to try a variety of services and products such as Cascade ActionPacs or Dove deodorant. If you’re chosen, Shespeaks sends you the product for keeps. You’re then asked to fill out an anonymous survey; you also can share your experience with other women involved in this online community and receive special offers and coupons.
  • Need to know: The more actively you engage with the site—write product reviews, comment on discussion boards—the better your chance of being asked to test.

  • Join this online community of moms, take short surveys and receive weekly customized newsletters with offers for new-product testing.

  • Log in using your Facebook account, then answer polls to help brands understand your interests so they can send you products to test. In exchange for your opinion (and sharing with your friends), earn rewards such as gift cards, discounts and free products.