How to get the best deals online

Don't click buy yet! Maximize your savings when you shop online with our four simple tips

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Before you click to purchase, follow these steps to lock in the lowest price.

  • Let the offers come to you: Sign up for your favorite retailer’s e-newsletter to find out about upcoming sales (you might want to open a separate e-mail account to protect your personal address from overload).
  • Get cash back: Start shopping from a rebate site, like, or, where online retailers offer a percentage of your purchase back. You can receive a check at least every few months.
  • Search for a coupon code: Ready to place your order? Scour the Web for a discount code rather than leaving the box empty. Google “coupon codes” and the retailer, and check sites such as
  • Enjoy rewards: If you’re paying for your items with a credit card, use one that earns you cash back. The Bank of America BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature card gives you up to 3 percent back on every purchase.

BONUS TIP: Buy gift cards to your favorite merchants at up to 60 percent off face value on sites such as, and, then use them to make your final purchase.