Which phone do you need: cell or landline?

Twenty-five percent of households now have at least one cell phone but no landline. Here are some factors to consider before going 100 percent wireless.

cell phone bill

It's a good idea if:

  • You’re single, travel a lot for work and need to be reached.
  • You’re an empty nester. With no kids at home, you might depend on your landline less.
  • Your cell phone gets near-perfect reception in places where you spend most of your time.
  • You take advantage of free or low-cost VoIP, so that you have another way to stay in touch should something happen to your cell phone.

It's a bad idea if:

  • You spend more than two hours per day on the phone (a landline likely is cheaper than that many minutes on a cell plan).
  • Your family depends on a landline. Look at the cost of giving each family member his or her own cell phone.
  • You want fast 911 service. Generally, 911 operators can’t find you automatically in an emergency if you’re on a cell phone.
  • You make a large number of international calls.