Find cheap fun things to do

Saving money doesn't have to mean staying in, enjoy your free time with these fun, cheap activities.


Don't have plans? Consider our list of fun, free things you can do with the kids, your friends or by yourself:

  • Throw a FREE PARTY! Visit for listings of companies looking for people to host get-togethers featuring their merchandise. The companies provide products and other items; all you have to do is take photos and report back. Also see the MyGetTogether program at, which offers parties with new General Mills products.
  • Sign up for a movie theater’s club card or e-mail newsletter. By joining the Regal Crown Club, you can earn FREE MOVIES or popcorn. Or take advantage of the AMC Entertainment A.M.Cinema program for low-priced movies.
  • Download FREE BOOKS at or
  • Hook up your computer to your speakers and visit, or for a FREE DJ at your next party.
  • Consider subscribing to the all-you-want music service at For a flat fee of $10 a month, get UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for MP3 players.
  • Rainy day? Take your child to a FREE GYMBOREE Play and Learn class. Print the coupon at Or visit a nearby pet store—it can be almost as good as the zoo!
  • Professional sports events are costly. Consider skipping a few pro games and opt for the minors or the amateurs. MINOR LEAGUE AND HIGH SCHOOL GAMES can be just as fun.