Check out credit cards that let you earn money each time you shop.

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards2 percent back on gas and at supermarkets; 1 percent back on other purchases14.9 to 19.8 percent
Blue Cash from American Express1 percent back on gas and at supermarkets and drug stores and .5 percent back on other purchases if you spend less than $6,500.11.24 to 17.24 percent
TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express3 percent back on gas, 2 percent cash back for travel; 1 percent back everywhere else13.24 percent
Discover More5 percent back in categories like travel, home improvement stores, and department stores. Other purchases earn .25 percent on up to $1,500 in total annual spending; more for higher levels of spending.10.99 to 18.99 percent
Citi Cash Returns MasterCard1 percent back on all purchases and cash advances9.99 to 17.99 percent

*Not including introductory APR rates; terms change frequently