Save money this summer

Have your best summer yet with these budget-friendly tips.

Get more from every gallon

Make sure you're getting the most for your gas dollars with these quick tips.

Do a little sleuthing

Tuck these fuel-efficiency reminders in your car visor and check them before each trip. Watch the savings add up!

Make sure your tires are at the proper pressure.
Why: Keeping tired inflated saves about 3 percent on gas costs.

Don’t carry extra weight in your car.
Why: An unnecessary 100 pounds in your car can cut fuel efficiency by 2 percent.

Keep windows shut on the highway. Why: When driving at high speeds, air-conditioning uses less fuel than keeping windows open, which produces drag.

Follow the maintenance schedule recommended in my car manual.
Why: Keeping your engine tuned can improve fuel efficiency by 4 percent.

Keep on speed text in your phone so you can always find the cheapest gas around.
Why: Local prices can vary by more than 10 cents per gallon.

Have your gas-rewards card on hand.
Why: Get rebates of up to 5 percent every time you fill up.

Drive at a steady pace to get the best mileage.
Why: Accelerating then braking wastes the fuel you used to get up to speed.