Wrap up a gift card

Try these fun, creative ways to package a plain-vanilla gift certificate

Give to those less fortunate
  • Bundle it with a real-world counterpart. Find products to wrap up with your gift certificate―nail polish with a manicure certificate, the current issue of a magazine with a subscription confirmation, a gift basket of cleaning supplies with the maid service.
  • Make a Cracker Jack surprise. Place the gift certificate in a plastic bag, then gently open the bottom of a Cracker Jack box and place the bag inside. Reseal the bottom with clear tape and gift-wrap the box.
  • Create a "nesting-doll" box. Place the gift certificate inside a small box. Wrap it up and place that box inside a larger one, and so on.
  • Present it as a bookmark. Fold up the certificate inside a book―a sexy bodice ripper for a lingerie store, or a DIY book for a home-repair store. (You may have to hint that the recipient take a closer look.)
  • Add holiday ornaments. Put a couple of pretty ornaments in a decorative bag along with the certificate to make the present seasonal.
  • Slip a rolled certificate into a deflated balloon. Inflate the balloon and attach some pretty holiday ribbon to the end; the certificate will be visible inside.