Stay motivated in the job hunt

Follow these tips to get a stalled search moving and keep yourself ready to land the job you want.

How to get a job
  • Stay informed: Remain up to date on your industry and profession by reading news every day and checking out any blogs related to your field.
  • Be accountable: Find a buddy who’s also looking for work. Check in with her on a daily or weekly basis to boost your spirits and share strategies and goals.
  • Schedule face-to-face meetings: Aim to set up two informational interviews a week (you can just have coffee with someone who could help your career). When a job opens up, your name likely will come to mind.
  • Take a class: Brush up on new technologies in your field or enroll in a professional development course. It will demonstrate that you are productive whenever you have time off and really care about your career.
  • Schedule your week: Keep a notebook documenting your efforts and plan a strategy that won’t exhaust or confuse you. You might search for jobs and send out résumés early in the week, post to (or comment on) a blog and tweet by 11 a.m. every day, and follow up any leads with calls on Friday.
  • Pencil in “you” time: Schedule a session at the gym and lunches with friends to stay positive and keep your stress levels under control during the search.