Ace a job interview

Arrive early, bring multiple copies of your résumé and follow these tips.

Job interviewing tips
  • Look the part: Appearance counts for a lot when you have just a few minutes to form an impression. Always dress professionally.
  • Prepare to answer tough questions: Some you might encounter: What is your biggest weakness? What do you have to offer over another candidate? How would you handle an on-the-job problem?
  • Do your research: Find out everything you can about the company, the interviewer and the job. Use this knowledge to better sell yourself.
  • Explain any work gaps in your résumé: If you put your career on hold to raise your kids, take credit for your accomplishments outside the workforce, such as heading up the PTA or raising a large sum of money for an organization.
  • Be friendly: A can-do personality sometimes weighs as much as or more than specific skills, which are often teachable.
  • Follow up with a hand-written thank-you note: Be sure to reference a specific topic you discussed that will remind the interviewer who you are.