9 Ways to Make Sure You Never Lose a Cent of Your Money

Bookmark this key checklist of ways to track every bit of your hard-earned cash, from unclaimed vacation time to rollover retirement assets

keeping track of money

1. Check regularly for unclaimed funds. Check unclaimed.org and missingmoney.com every four months and grab what you find as soon as possible. Funds don't earn interest with the state, but they would in your account. 

2. Before leaving a job, find out how to collect your final wages and unused vacation pay. Don't assume it will be mailed or deposited into your bank account. 

3. Cash every check as soon as you get it.

4. Keep an updated list of all of your accounts and retirement plans. 

5. Touch base with your bank every four to six months. Online is fine, but some face time shows you're paying attention. Open bank or retirement-fund mail promptly, in case action is required. 

6. Check your safe deposit box at least once every two years so it's not considered abandoned. Pay box-rental fees on time. 

7. Ask the utilities and the cable company to refund your deposit, even if you still have active accounts. 

8. Update beneficiary information on all retirement plans and insurance policies every year or so, along with your address. Consider letting people know they're beneficiaries. 

9. Switching jobs? Roll over your 401(k) into your new work plan, or set up an IRA. Consolidated assets are easier to track. Search for "rollover" at finra.org, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authoirty site.