Make Over Your Morning Routine


Simplify your back-to-school schedule with with these easy tips.

  • Jump-start breakfast. Buy a coffeemaker with a timer. Get it ready at night and you’ll have fresh coffee waiting for you when you wake up. While you’re at it, set the breakfast table and slice fruit to put on cereal for a quick family breakfast.

  • Streamline your out-the-door steps. Hang hooks near the door for keys. Keep a jar of change on the hall table for bus, parking, train and lunch money. Place a dry-erase board nearby and write down anything out of the ordinary that you’ll need to bring with you.

  • Get everyone in the mood. Put on a CD or turn on the radio in the kitchen with some of your family’s favorite tunes. Music will help people get moving in the morning. Take turns picking the music or radio station, or create your own CD and let everyone in the family pick a few favorite songs to include.

  • Organize your child’s closet. Buy a vertical closet organizer with at least five cubbyholes. On Sunday afternoons, let your child pick out five outfits (including socks, shoes and accessories) that she will wear during the upcoming week. Then place one outfit in each compartment. She will be set for the week, and there will be no last-minute wardrobe scramble. This will work for your closet, too.