Secure Your Privacy Online

What you need to know to protect yourself on popular social networking sites

Woman with computer and notebook

You have to do more than just protect your privacy on Facebook—ensure your security around the Web with these tips for customizing your settings on other popular social networking sites.


  • Unless you change your default settings, anyone can see your profile and content (unless you’re younger than 18—then only your Myspace friends can). When uploading a photo, video, post, event or playlist, you choose who can see it.
  • Take Control: Your profile information and your page’s content also become available to any apps or games that you—or your friends—download. To prevent that from happening, set your privacy settings to block all apps that you have not added yourself.


  • The best way to protect yourself on this professional network is to stick to business. The default setting shows your picture, work summary, present and past positions, any recommendations you have received and more.
  • Take Control: Your profile is your online résumé, so don’t include information that is personal in nature. If you are looking for a job, protect your current post by turning off the Activity Broadcasts feature, which tells your connections about your recent activity on the site.


  • Tweets are public. Anyone can follow and search for them online—which is exactly what you want if you are trying to gain followers or promote a business. But beware if you just want to reach friends and you’re hoping to safeguard your privacy.
  • Take Control: If you’re tweeting about your personal life, including your location, lock your account! On the settings page check “Protect My Tweets.” Then you will have to authorize any new followers.