Regift without qualms

When is it acceptable to pass on a present? Follow these simple do’s and dont's


DO regift when you know the item will be appreciated.
DON'T do it when you abhor the item and would never want it yourself.

DO give it when the item is brand-spanking-new.
DON'T when the gift is even slightly used.

DO play the white–elephant game―when everything is regifted.
DON'T regift to someone in the same circle as the original giver.

DO pass down heirlooms or items with sentimental value.
DON'T give away anything made for you or customized for you.

DO rewrap presents.
DON'T pass on anything with the original gift tags or wrapping

DO acknowledge thanks for a gift.
DON'T admit it was originally given to you―unless there’s a good reason.