What's on sale in March

Save this March: We've tracked down the best deals this month, so you'll know what to buy and where to find it for less.


Did you know, every March certain items tend to go on sale? Knowing these retail trends can help you score the best price on some big-ticket items. Shop smarter with our list of March markdowns.

Right now is a great time to find deals on digital cameras. Many retailers are marking them down this month and to help you save even more we have two exclusive online discount codes. Don't forget to check out our digital camera buying tips.

Digital Camera Discounts Promo Codes:

Get $5 off $45 or more at Overstock.com. Use code: 203412 at check out. Valid Feb. 18-April 30

Receive 20% OFF your purchase of Olympus products Use code: AYMREG311 at check out. Valid February 18- March 31, 2011

  • Winter Gear 

Coats, skis and boots are moving out to make way for spring items—shop now for a major discount.

  • A freezer full of meals 

Look for a special coupon insert promoting Frozen Food Month in Sunday circulars, then stock up. Visit nfraweb.org for more details.

BARGAIN TIP: Whenever a new product is released, look for the old model on sale. Afraid you're buying second best? Ask the sales rep to explain the new model's upgrades—you may never need or use them anyway.