15 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Learn how to save money on gas with these smart driving and filling strategies

learn how to save money on gas

1. Use your loyalty card for discounts on gas
Use your grocery store's preferred-customer card to earn extra savings at the pump.

Kroger: For every $100 worth of groceries you buy, save 10 cents per gallon of gas at a Kroger Fuel Center.

Stop & Shop: Every dollar you spend at Stop & Shop earns a point on your card. After 100 points, you'll save 10¢/gallon on gas—you can redeem up to $2.20/gallon in a single fill up. Visit stopandshop.com for a store near you.

Safeway: Club Card members save 3 cents every day at store pumps and earn 5- or 10-cent bonuses for eligible purchases of $50 or more through the grocer's Power Pump program. Visit safeway.com.

Giant Eagle: Earn "fuelperks" and save 10 cents per gallon of gas when you spend $50 or more. Visit gianteagle.com.


2. Avoid using debit cards to pay for gas
Don't pay for gas with your debit card (at the pump or inside the store). Some banks charge fees for using the card, which increases the cost of already pricey gas. Certain gas stations also request that banks put a hold on a set amount of money in your account to make sure you can cover the purchase. So even if you spent only $20 on gas, you may not have access to as much as $100 of your money for a few days. This can lead to problems like bounced checks and result in more fees. Pay with cash or a credit card instead.

3. Look for "free gas" and "cash for gas" rewards
What could be better than a no-cost fill-up?

Meijer's Fuel Rewards Program: Look for "free gas" signs around the store. Then purchase participating products and you'll receive free gas rewards at the checkout that you can use at any Meijer Gas Station.

FuelLinks: Use your FuelLinks card and earn "cash-for-gas" on your purchases. Join online at fuellinks.com, check out the extensive list of participants and start earning rewards redeemable at certain gas stations.