Ask These 5 Questions at Check-Out to Help You Save Big

Five smart ways to get a better deal by speaking up.

Human Interactions Can Go a Long Way

It’s easy to forget that a little face-to-face kindness can go a long way. The next time you shop, spend a moment asking the right questions in the best way possible. You’ll be amazed at the results.

  • How are you? Showing kindness to store employees can open up access to discounts. Build a relationship with someone, and he or she will likely let you know when things are going on sale and can give you special “‘on the spot’” price discounts that aren’t advertised.
  • Can you match another store’s price? Most grocery stores will price match any competitor’s prices. Print out coupons from websites like, and bring competitor’s ads with you to a store so you can point out price discrepancies.
  • Can you give me a discount because of this defect? To increase your chance of scoring a bargain, point out any defects or cosmetic damage. By sharpening some simple negotiating skills, you can get better prices on everything from mattresses to large household appliances and furniture.
  • Can you do a price adjustment? Price adjustments let you never miss a sale. If you purchase an item and it goes on sale soon afterwards, simply take in your receipt and you can be refunded the difference. Be sure to check with your store (price adjustments do vary), but they’re it’s a strategic way to get a great deal.
  • What’s your return policy? Since return policies have grown so complex, make sure you really want something before plunking down your money. Electronics at Target, for instance, carry a 15 percent restocking fee. And returns on furniture at Macy's must be scheduled within three days.