Save Money On Groceries By Making Pricey Items Last Longer

Easy tips for stretching your grocery budget amid rising costs

Woman at grocery store

The grocery items we use the most are often the ones that cost the most. You can outsmart high prices and market increases with these simple suggestions.

  • BEEF: Beef can be costly, but that doesn’t mean you need to take burgers off the menu. You can stretch ground beef with fillers such as beans and vegetables. Reserve steak for special occasions.
  • PORK: Instead of using pork as a meal’s main event, add bits of ham or bacon to soups, stews and egg dishes to give them oomph. Or put your slow cooker to work on a pork shoulder or another tasty, inexpensive cut.
  • FATS & OILS: Use just a little oil in a nonstick pan to brown meat and vegetables, then toss in a splash of broth to keep food from sticking. Buying a mister to spray your cooking oil also can help you cut down on waste.
  • DAIRY: Add just a sprinkling of a bolder cheese, like sharp Cheddar, instead of piling on a milder variety. Shred your own to save a lot. Milk is one of the least costly ways to get your dairy servings, so drink up!

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