How to Sell on Facebook

Turn friends into potential buyers by using Facebook to sell your items.

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Facebook isn't just for status updates and vacation photos—it's also a forum for making money by selling your stuff online! Here are two ways to get started.

Facebook Marketplace (

How it works: When you list an item on Facebook’s classifieds app, you can choose whether you want to make it visible on just the marketplace or also to your friends. Plus, you have the option not only to sell for cash but also to sell for a cause, request items or even give them away. Keep in mind that, as with Craigslist, the seller and buyer work out the transaction in person. You also can opt to receive a weekly newsletter of what your connections are offering.

Yardsellr (

How it works: Users “like” a block (or category) of items they’re interested in (such as Disney, gadgets, scrapbooking or action figures), then listings for items in that category start to appear in their newsfeed. As on eBay, transactions take place through the site, so buyers and sellers have limited interaction. After you’ve sold and shipped your item, Yardsellr mails you a check or makes a deposit to your PayPal account. Users also can post their listings to Twitter if they have an account there.

BONUS TIP: Don't bury your listing. If you don’t get a bite, re-post a link to the item on your wall a few days later, and ask your friends to “share” it.