What's on sale in September

Save this September: We've tracked down the best deals this month, so you'll know what to buy and where to find it for less.

Stockpile sale items

Did you know, every September certain items tend to go on sale? Knowing these retail trends can help you score the best price on some big-ticket items. Shop smarter with our list of September markdowns.

  • Bicycles

As the kids head back to school, many bike shops start clearing out their older stock to make room for new inventory. Plan ahead for birthday or holiday gifts and take advantage of these sales.

  • Camping Equipment

Early fall is the best time to stock up on tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear. Depending where you live, you’ll still have a few months of perfect camping weather to enjoy.

  • Cars

If you’ve been thinking of buying a new car, this may be the time to find a deal. As the new models hit the showroom floor, last year's models lose their appeal and high price making them the ones to buy.

  • Perennials, shrubs and trees

Cooler temperatures make September a great time for working in the yard and landscaping.  Incorporate fall color with flowering shrubs and invest in perennials and evergreens.

  • Lawn equipment

Along with the heat index, prices drop on outdoor items like mowers, pressure washers and blowers.

  • Ceiling fans

Great year round, ceiling fans keep the air flowing and the temperature moderated. Keep your electric bills low look for ENERGY STAR fans that are about 50% more energy efficient than conventional.

  • Outdoor furniture

Prices are drastically reduced on porch and patio furniture starting Labor Day Weekend making it an ideal time to pick up a few new pieces or an entire set.