Make more money now!

Who doesn’t want a little extra cash? Get the lowdown on lucrative side gigs you can fit into your life.

Day-care provider

Start a business watching children while their parents work.

  • What it pays: You set the rate based on how many days a child will attend, from $100 to $300 per week per child, depending on the location, your credentials and the amenities you can provide.
  • Time commitment: You determine the schedule, but you will gain more clients if you are available at least Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.—even more if you can be flexible and work around your clients’ hours.
  • What you need to know: You must obtain a license and make sure that your home meets your state’s minimum requirements.
  • Get started: Go to to view your state’s guidelines and training-center contact information.

Product sales-woman 

Expand your social circle and earn a few bucks promoting and selling items in your community.

  • What it pays: Differs from company to company but is generally commission-based.
  • Time commitment: Flexible; you can work as little or as much as you like, but results are often equivalent to the time you invest.
  • What you need to know: It might take time to build up a clientele in your area. Choose a product you believe in and that’s likely to appeal to potential customers. An outgoing personality and sales skills will help you get the word out. For tips on succeeding in this business, visit
  • Get started: Decide what type of products you would like to sell, then search online for marketing companies that offer the items and information on how to join their team. Popular vendors include Jewels by Park Lane ( and Avon skin care (, but you can sell just about anything. If you already have a blog, visit, which connects bloggers with relevant products to sell on their sites.