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Who doesn’t want a little extra cash? Get the lowdown on lucrative side gigs you can fit into your life.

Trade show, concert or event staffer

Take tickets, usher, sell merchandise or food items, work on a cleaning crew or advertise events.

  • What it pays: Generally $8 to $12 per hour—plus you might see the show for free! If you sell for a specific vendor, some offer a commission based on the amount of sales.
  • Time commitment: Varies; usually nights and weekends.
  • What you need to know: Flexibility is key. The more hours you are available to work, the more jobs you can receive, so be sure to tell the hiring manager that you’re open to any and all opportunities.
  • Get started: Contact a local stadium, event center or theater to say you are interested in working events on an as-needed basis.
  • Good at selling? Check with independent vendors who sell merchandise and food at the venue to see if they have any opportunities.