Take Charge of Your Income Taxes

Be prepared for your taxes with our guide to understanding tax forms, the lingo, tax credits and our tips for finding deductions that can save you money.

Tax 101: Take the Quiz!

Do you have a handle on your taxes? Take the quiz to see if your a tax pro or in tax trouble!

Replace Important Documents

Which of the following best describes your tax strategy? 

A.  Grab the messy folder of W-2s, receipts and bank statements and dash to the local storefront tax preparer.

B.  Leave it to your husband―he’s better at math.

C.  Just fill out the EZ form. No hassle!

D.  Read this article, take the next couple of weekends to get organized, claim every deduction, credit and exemption you qualify for, and save hundreds ― even thousands―of dollars.


If your answer is A, B, or C ―but you wish it were D―you've come to the right place. Whether you fill out the forms yourself, use tax software or a professional preparer, it pays to know your own tax situation so you don't miss out on a dime of the free money that you're entitled to. Taking control of your tax preparation will also protect you―if you sign a return that someone else has prepared, even your spouse, you will be held responsible for any mistakes. And a recent government report indicates that commercial tax preparers make plenty of them. With All You’s step-by-step guide, make this the year you put more money in your pocket.