Nab yourself an unadvertised discount

Ask the salesperson at the cash register these questions to get a better deal

Shop safely
  • "Will this go on sale soon?" If the answer is yes, try to get the sale price now.
  • "Can I get a discount for buying three of these?" Stores want to move as much merchandise as they can and often will take money off multiple items.
  • "Can you throw in something extra?" If you're buying a laptop computer, request a free carrying case. For jewelry, ask for a free jar of cleaning solution.
  • "Will you honor this coupon?" Bring an expired coupon or one from a competitor. Stores will often accept them.
  • "Wow! That much?" When salespeople tell you how much something costs, act disappointed. They may respond with a discount.
  • "Can you ask your manager?" Salesclerks may not have the power to drop the price―but their manager does.
  • "Can I get an upgrade?" If there are multiple models of the item you're buying, ask for one with more features at the same price.
  • "Why is your price so much higher?" You may find that the number quoted includes extras you don't need or want.
  • "Will you match another store's price?" If you saw a cheaper price elsewhere, bring proof, like a newspaper ad or a printout from the Internet. Ask if the store can match it.