Affordable Entertaining

Be the hostess with the mostess without stretching your bank account or spreading yourself too thin

Throw a Wallet-Friendly Party

Put on a bash using entertaining ideas that are affordable and attainable.

Painting Party


Modern times call for creative themes and the Do-It-Yourself Party is the latest trend to draw a crowd. The idea is to bond with friends while simultaneously tackling small home projects. Whether it’s a baby’s room that needs paint or a garage that cries for reorganizing, here’s a way to rally the troops, chip in toward a common goal and enjoy delicious summer eats.

Swap Your Stuff
Since recycling is all the rage, have each guest bring three items in good condition that they want to pass forward and exchange. It’s like shopping at an antique or vintage store without spending a cent. As a host, you can narrow the exchange to clothes (even more specifically “professional attire” or “casual”), home accessories or kitchen gadgets or simply leave the exchange open and have the swap be an exciting free-for-all.

De-clutter Your Closet
Let your girlfriends help you get rid of unwanted or outdated items from your closet. Make three piles: to keep, to repair, to donate to charity. Model outfits to make sure they fit and flatter and serve a purpose in your wardrobe. Allow your friends to discern the keepers and ask their advice for fresh ways to accessorize.

Paint (Your) Town Red
Ask your friends to pitch in and have a painting party! If you are moving, getting ready for a new baby or sprucing up for an open house, friends want to help, so channel energies toward a satisfying and helpful goal. In return, encourage attendees to host their own DIY parties so that the efforts are reciprocal.