How to Hold a Yard Sale

Turn your trash into someone elses treasure (and more money) by holding a yard sale!

Yard sale

You've set the stage, now you need to spread the word with attention-grabbing advertisements. Try these methods to attract people to your sale.

Put up bold signs. On neon poster board, write "Yard Sale," your street address, the day and the time of the event in thick, black letters. Place the posters up at major intersections. (Remember to take down all signs afterward or you may be fined.)
Post fliers. Go into more detail on fliers: Mention popular items and brands you're selling. Buzzwords like "vintage" also attract customers. Tack fliers onto your town's bulletin boards.
Promote it. A classified ad in your local newspaper is a great way to drum up business. Time the ad so it appears two days beforehand. Costs are usually minimal: Call your local paper to check.
Use the Internet. Post details about your sale on community Web sites or message boards, as well as sites with larger audiences, like or Make a short video showing interesting items you're selling, and you can even advertise on YouTube.
Attract attention. The day of the sale, tie balloons or flags to your mailbox and any signs you have posted. Snag passers-by by placing eye-catching products, like furniture or a big stuffed animal, in front of your house, near the curb.

Now that you have the customers, put your best sale skills to use!. And don't forget to enjor the day—no one wants to deal with a grumpy sales person!


Source: Chris Heiska, Lusby, Md., yard-sale "addict" and founder of