The Best Photo Organizing Apps

You've got zillions of digital pictures trapped in your hard drive and piles of marker and crayon masterpieces. We've got great ideas to help you preserve your favorites and enjoy them before the kids leave the nest.

The best apps for organizing your photos
  • To capture the highlights from a vacation or special occasion in online photo albums or beautiful books, visit This all-in-one option has the tools you need to create and share digital albums and design photo books and gifts. When you invite friends to view your images, they'll get an e-mail alert with a link they can click (no password needed). Free membership with unlimited storage space; $32 for a 20-page hardcover album.
  • To create an honest-to-goodness photo album, visit Snapfish offers similar features, along with easy-to-use editing options such as borders and red-eye correction. When you send a link around, people will have to log in to see your shots. Free membership with unlimited storage space; $25 for a 20-page hardcover album.
  • To create a digital journal, download Tweekaboo (free, Apple). Never find time to update that baby book or write down all the funny things your kids say? Tweekaboo lets you track moments and milestones as they happen with videos, photos and captions organized in a timeline. Select friends and family members can then view your posts and write comments. You could think of it as a private Facebook profile, where you never have to worry about over-sharing.
  • To take your kids' portfolios digital, download Artkive ($4.99, Android, Apple). Instead of saving every stick-figure family portrait, use Artkive to digitize them. When you get a new piece—whether it's a work on paper or in 3-D—snap a photo with your phone, add a description and store the image in a profile for each child. Later, you can turn the gems into a book or keepsake.
  • To catalog and share artwork, download Canvsly (free, Apple). This app allows you to share the pieces with family members, who can comment on or "high-five" the creations. The app also offers rewards points you can redeem with Amazon, Disney or other companies.