Easy and Affordable Carpet Care

Don't hire someone to clean your carpet! Take things into yout own hands with these easy and afforadable carpet care tips.

Carpet cleaning

If you have small children or pets that make it necessary to clean your floor coverings often…

Buy a hot-water extractor. Although machines made for the consumer market offer less cleaning power than rentals or professional services, nothing beats the convenience of pulling the unit from the closet to tackle messes.

  • COST: Prices range from about $70 to $200.

 If your floor coverings are made of nylon, polyester or olefin…

Rent a hot-water extraction machine. Such machines offer moderate cleaning power and deliver satisfactory results in most cases. The equipment is easy to use and economical: You can do all your rugs in a day as long as you keep to a brisk pace.

  • COST: One-day rentals average $25. For an exclusive discount on Rug Doctor rentals, visit rugdoctor.com/allyou.

 If you have wool floor coverings or an heirloom rug…

Hire a pro. Nothing can get your carpets and rugs as clean as commercial-grade equipment, which reaches deeper into the carpet pile and removes ground-in dirt that consumer models or rental machines don’t. Be sure to choose a company that has been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (certifiedcleaners.org).

  • COST: $25 to $50 per 100- to 200-square-foot room, on average.