Keep a Clean, Chemical-Free Home

Follow these 5 cleaning tips to keep your home clean and chemical-free.

house cleaning tips
  1. Make a no-shoes rule in the house: You and your visitors can track in pesticides or contaminants.
  2. Avoid pesticides: Go with natural alternatives such as peppermint castile soap, which is vegetable-based. (Peppermint is also a pest repellent.) Avoid using mothballs, which contain p-DCB. You can use lavender or cedar to repel moths.
  3. Buy houseplants: Researchers have found that plants can “scrub” indoor air of harmful toxics. English ivy, spider plants, snake plants, philodendrons and dracaenas are considered the best air-cleaning varieties.
  4. Use a Hepa filter: Make sure your vacuum has a Hepa filter to remove chemicals and pollutants from the carpet and upholstery. Also clean your house often to get rid of dust bunnies that might harbor contaminants. If you have an AC system or forced air, change the filters at least twice a year.
  5. Open windows: Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air. Try to crack the windows for at least 10 minutes per day.