12 Clever Uses for Clear Nail Polish

No need to reserve the bottle of clear nail polish in your manicure kit for just your beauty routine. Keep clear polish on hand to prevent bathroom rust stains, keep buttons in place, seal envelopes and much more!

clear nail polish uses

1. Stop runs in stockings: At the first sign of a stocking run, put a touch of clear polish at both ends to prevent the run from running down your entire leg. Same goes for tears in window screens or shades. 

2. Secure wobbly specs: Tighten the screws of your eyeglasses first, and then top them off with a dab of clear polish. (h/t Real Simple)

3. Keep buttons in place: Never lose a button again! A thin layer of clear polish applied to the center of a button can keep threads from coming loose. Its hard-dry finish can also prevent other threads from unraveling, such as shoestrings. 

4. Avoid bathroom rust stains: Ward off unsightly rings on the ledge of the tub by coating the bottom of metal shaving-cream cans with some clear polish. It will slow the progression of rust. (h/t Real Simple)

5. Protect from furniture splinters: Coat furniture splinters with clear polish to prevent rips or snags in your clothing, or worse, your skin—ouch! (h/t PopSugar)

6. Use as an adhesive alternative: If you've run out of glue for a craft project, don't fret! Clear polish is the perfect alternative. It can also help secure rhintestones or sequins on your jewelry. (h/t Life Hackery)

7. Seal an envelope: A couple quick swipes of clear polish will ensure your important missives stay safe from prying eyes. 

8. Relieve bug bite itch: A dollop of clear polish can temporarily relieve pesky bug bite itches. Just make sure you don’t have any open scratches. (h/t PopSugar)  

9. Keep jewelry sparkling: A thin layer of clear polish painted onto your jewelry can prevent it from losing its luster. (h/t Real Simple)

10. Avoid green fingers: You know those cheap, yet oh-so-cute rings in your jewelry case? Apply a couple thin coats of clear polish on the insides to keep the metal from turning your fingers green.

11. Waterproof matches: Going hiking or camping? A dab of clear polish on the tips of your matches will make sure you can light a fire, rain or shine. (h/t PopSugar)

12. Smudge-proof labels: A quick swipe of clear polish will make any label smudge-proof. This is especially helpful for cosmetics, so you don't forget the shade of your favorite lipstick when you run out, as well as plant markers. (h/t Julep)