Clear Out Living Room Clutter

Keep your family's common space chaos-free. Follow these easy tips to clear clutter and keep your living room looking great.

Conquer living room clutter

Unclutter with Baskets
Add a seaside vibe with white wood and wicker.

  • Use the built-in baskets and central wooden drawer to store the stuff you need to keep close by.
  • Stack magazines in a tray. Choose a round woven tray that mimics the texture of the baskets.
  • Get a kitchen caddy to hold remotes. Its texture goes with the baskets; its shape echoes the tray.
  • Stow toys in a built-in basket. It's low, so kids can help put playthings away when they're done.
  • Keep supplies close at hand. Coasters and napkins are tucked away yet accessible in the drawer.
  • Stash your multimedia stuff. Slip your most frequently watched DVDs, CDs and tapes in the second built-in basket so they're nearby when you want to enjoy them.

Organize with Trays
Complete a contemporary room with a leather ottoman that has retractable trays. They're additional places to do a crossword puzzle or play a game.

  • Snack safely. Set refreshments on clever hidden trays that tuck away when not in use.
  • Store other everyday items in a lower tray. Put DVDs or tapes in a decorative storage box, and stow a spare blanket.
  • Pile magazines on the lower shelf. Contain them in trays that are similar in color to your coffee table to ensure a cohesive look.
  • Combine trays to set up zones. A smaller tray inside holds items like remotes, coasters and candy dishes.
  • Corral coffee-table books. This oversize tray protects the leather table and keeps things looking tidy.

Repurpose Office Supplies
Make the most of small spaces with a scaled-down style hiding lots of storage behind sliding doors.

  • Organize creatively. Use office accessories to contain small necessities.
  • Protect the table from food spillage. Set glasses and plates on coasters or a tray, and make sure both are visible so guests know to use them.
  • Conceal your magazines but keep them accessible, too: Stack them in letter trays to keep them orderly and tucked away.
  • Hide extra blankets in a photo box. Having more than one throw on view just adds visual clutter.