How to Make a Hanging Pantry

Try this easy project to organize food items in your kitchen.

how to make a DIY hanging pantry

You'll need: White latex paint, paintbrush and paint pan (optional), 3 wood boxes in graduated sizes, drill with 1/16" and 1/8" bits, 2 screw eyes, tape measure, pliers (optional), ¼" diameter rope, scissors, 1" diameter metal ring, pencil, hook, screws and wall anchors, hammer, screwdriver, level, white glue.


1. Purchase whitewashed boxes or whitewash plain wood ones by lightly covering them inside and out with a coat of thinned latex paint (one part paint to one part water). Let dry.

2. Use drill with 1/16" bit to make starter holes in boxes for screw eyes. Drill holes ¼" from top edge, two in front (wide side) corners and two in rear (wide side) corners. Insert screw eyes into each hole, twisting until tight, using pliers if needed.

3. Measure and cut an 8½'-long piece of rope. Starting with largest box, thread rope through left front screw eye and tie a loose knot below screw eye, leaving a tail of about 5½". Tie another loose knot 12" from first and thread rope through left front screw eye of medium box. Repeat for small box.

4. Thread rope through ring, then thread through rear screw on left side of small box. Loosely knot rope below screw eye, 3½' from previous knot. Thread rope through rear screw of medium-size box and loosely knot below screw eye so there is 11" of rope between first screw eye and second. Repeat for large box, also leaving 11" between knots. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on right side of boxes.

5. Hold roped boxes against wall and mark with pencil where ring will hang from hook. Place hook against wall and mark positions of screw holes. Use 1/8" bit to drill holes into wall. Insert wall anchors, tapping in with hammer. Use screwdriver to mount hook.

6. Hang roped boxes by placing ring over hook. Adjust spacing between boxes by loosening and tightening knots until one side of boxes is flush with wall. Use level to ensure boxes are straight. When boxes are lined up properly, tighten knots, cut off rope tails near bottom knots and apply glue to ends of rope to help keep knots from unraveling.