How-to freeze food

Make sure your batch-cooked meals stay delicious.

Food storage guidelines

Seal tight: It’s important to eliminate air because it dries out frozen food, causing freezer burn. Use several layers of plastic wrap, zippered plastic bags or a vacuum sealer (which can double shelf life).

Use durable containers: You also can try thick plastic containers for temporary storage (about six weeks). Fill the container almost to the top to minimize air (but for liquids, leave a little room to allow for expansion).

Get rid of moisture: Moist foods such as some breads and muffins can become soggy when thawed. To avoid ruining the food, cool it completely before freezing, then double-wrap in plastic bags. When defrosting, put a paper towel inside the bag to wick away moisture.

Know which foods to skip:

  • Most vegetables and some fruits, like apples, don’t do well unless cooked before freezing.
  • Don’t cook pasta all the way before freezing, but do fully cook potatoes or they will turn black.