Make Kitchen Cabinets Out of Office Storage Containers

Redesign office storage containers to make colorful DIY kitchen cabinets.

how to make DIY kitchen cabinets out of a plastic office supply container

You'll need: A yardstick, plastic storage container, marker or pencil, oilcloth, metal straightedge, T-square, cutting mat, a craft knife or scissors, white glue, foam brush and Brayer.


1. Measure width and height of each area to be covered. Mark those dimensions on back side of oilcloth. For straight lines and perfect corners, use straightedge and T-square. For precise results, place cloth on cutting mat and cut out with a craft knife, using straightedge and T-square to help guide the blade. Or, cut out with scissors.

2. To adhere cloth to container, squeeze a bead of glue in a zigzag pattern over surface to be covered, then outline edges with glue. Repeat on back of corresponding piece of oilcloth. Use foam brush to smooth glue over both container surface and oilcloth in a thin, even layer. Place oilcloth over container surface, adjusting so that edges line up precisely. Smooth oilcloth into place, using brayer to press out any air bubbles. Let dry for 24 hours before using.

3. If desired, line inside bottom of container with oilcloth, following Step 1. (For this step, it isn't necessary to glue down the oilcloth.)