4 Easy Steps to an Organized Laundry Room

Make caring for your clothes easier by creating an efficient work area. Let these bright ideas inspire you.

organize your laundry room

Step 1: Install a drying rack or clothesline so you can hang items not meant for the dryer. It's also smart to have a flat sweater rack on hand for items that are prone to stretch.

Step 2: Put in shelves so there's a place to stash detergent, fabric softener and clothing-maintenance items. You could do a little mending while waiting for a load to finish.

Step 3: Set up three hampers (one each for whites, lights and darks) to allow for easier sorting. A unit like this one does double duty, with a rod and a shelf for clean clothes.

Step 4: Store the iron and ironing board (as well as a steamer, if you use one) near the washer and dryer for convenience. An all-in-one, wall-mounted hanger keeps things tidy.