Easy Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Get into the yuletide spirit with our Christmas ideas. From decorations to recipes and all the crafting in between we've got you covered this holiday.

Christmas Tree Care Tips

Help your Christmas tree thrive throughout the yuletide season.

  • CHRISTMAS TREE: Cut three inches off the bottom of the tree and secure it in a stand. Place it away from heat sources in a cool location that's out of direct sunlight. Make sure it always has plenty of water―trees can absorb as much as four quarts a day.
  • POINSETTIA: Place it in a not-too-sunny spot. Poke holes in the bottom of the foil wrapping to allow for drainage, and water the poinsettia just enough to keep soil moist. Keep it away from drying heat sources like radiators and vents.
  • AMARYLLIS: Remove blooms as they wilt. When all the flowers wither, remove them and cut the main stem 2 inches above the bulb. Keep it in a sunny location and continue to water the plant (the leaves will grow, but the plant won't flower). When the leaves die, dig out the bulb and place in the refrigerator for at least six weeks. Then it's ready to replant and start the cycle all over again.