Organize Your Living Room

Make your living room more organized by following these easy tips.

Organized living room

In this multi-purpose room, papers, remote controls, collectibles and more can quickly pile up, causing the space to feel chaotic and cluttered. Minimize messiness and maximize your enjoyment of this room with these simple tips.

Get organized 

  • Leave space between furniture pieces—it's more visually appealing than filling every inch with stuff.
  • Keep only a few decorative and functional items, such as books and coasters, on coffee and end tables.
  • Corral remotes in a pretty box so they are not strewn about, or ditch multiple devices and purchase a single universal remote that controls all electronics.
  • Limit the number of collections you display to one—anything more can overtake the room, both physically and visually.
  • Designate a spot for family members to place a few personal items.

Keep it clean

  • Every day: Put remotes back, clear surfaces and recycle newspapers.
  • Once a week: Remove everything that doesn’t have a permanent home.
  • Once a month: Edit down any collections such as books or DVDs that have grown over the last four weeks, toss or file paperwork and purge magazines and catalogs.

Bonus: Store in style

  • On open shelves, create a mix that is two-thirds books and one-third knickknacks, with plenty of empty space so objects are easily visible.
  • Stow magazines and books in decorative baskets.
  • Hide extra blankets in a photo box—having more than one throw on view just adds to visual clutter.