18 Great Uses for a Magic Eraser

These little foam sponges really do work like magic! You already know magic erasers are great for cleaning hard surfaces and scuffed-up walls—here are 18 more surprising uses for magic erasers

Magic Eraser Usese

How to Use a Magic Eraser

Magic erasers are pretty amazing—they make even the toughest stains disappear in seconds thanks to the super-scrubbing power of their melamine foam. While they work best on hard surfaces (counters, tables, floors, walls, and appliances), and are renowned for their ability to remove marks and scuffs from walls and wallpaper, they can be used to clean practically anything! Just wet the eraser sponge and rub gently to remove any of these messes: 

1. Stubborn stains and baked-in food on food containers and cookware

2. Grease and soap scum anywhere in the kitchen

3. Scuff marks on baseboards 

4. Marks on light-colored leather sandals

5. Mold and mildew in your shower or other damp areas, including vinyl and wood siding.

6. Residue on dry erase marker boards (even accidental permanent marker stains!) 

7. Smudges on smartphones, keyboards, and MP3 players: Cut the foam into a smaller square, wet it, then get rid of excess water before gently wiping on the device. 

8. Dirty sneakers: rub gently on stains and dirt marks

9. Tarnished silver: Gently rub stains with a damp magic eraser, then wash and dry the item thoroughly with soapy water

10. Set-in tea and coffee stains on cups and mugs

11. Dirt and marks on plastic and metal patio furniture

12. Splatter stains in the microwave

13. Sticky adhesive from old labels on jars, furniture, or any hard surface

14. Water stains on dishes, glasses, containers, and faucets

15. Bugs on windows and windshields

16. Mineral rings in toilet bowls 

17. Dried nail polish on any hard surface

18. Grime on your computer keyboard and mouse


Note: Always spot-test before using your magic eraser. If you're worried about the effects of melamine on your skin, feel free to wear gloves while you're using the sponge.


Where to find magic erasers:

Buy them: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original, $2 for pack of 2, walmart.com

Make them yourself: Our friends at Passion for Savings make their own magic erasers by dipping a normal household sponge in a mix of 1/2 tsp Borax, 1 tsp baking soda, and 1/2 cup hot water.


Additional sources: One Good Thing by Jillee; Joey Green, Joey Green's Cleaning Magic