7 New Uses for Toothpaste

A tube of toothpaste can be put to work all over the house (and your stuff) to keep everything in tip-top shape. In all these cases, we’re referring to regular, non-gel toothpaste. And be careful with how you’re applying it—squeeze a little toothpaste onto a clean finger, so as not to contaminate the edge that hits your toothbrush.

uses for toothpaste

1. Fill in a nail hole: Spackle a hole in the wall with white, non-gel toothpaste. It’s easiest to apply using a finger, then carefully wipe a clean cloth or rag over the area to even out any excess. 

2. Remove scuffs from leather shoes: Notice an unsightly mark on your dress shoes or boots? Take a small pat of toothpaste, and buff the area; afterward, wipe with a damp cloth and your shoes will look good as new.

3. Shine chrome fixtures (or small appliances): Put a little toothpaste on a damp washcloth, and rub the cloth over the chrome surface. Continue working the toothpaste around evenly until it all but disappears, then wipe the chrome with a dry paper towel to reveal clean, shiny chrome.

4. Guard against goggle fog: Don’t bother with store-bought defoggers. Before a swim or a ski outing, dab a little non-gel toothpaste inside goggle lenses, and gently rub it over the interior (not too hard, or you could scratch it!). Rinse the goggles off and wipe the surface with a clean cloth—they should stay clear as day through your next sporty endeavor.

5. Rid your hands of garlic- or onion-stink: Minty toothpaste can act as a potent deodorizer. If the scent of garlic, fish, onion, and the like is lingering on your fingers long after cooking, wash your hands and scrub with a little toothpaste.

6. Fix small cracks in your phone screen: Using a cotton swab, rub a bit of toothpaste over the crack in your screen, being careful not to rub too hard (the abrasives in the toothpaste could remove some of the coating on the screen). Wipe any remaining toothpaste away with a clean cloth.

7. Zap zits: It’s one of those old-wives' tales that really works. To be clear: We’re talking about non-gel, plain white toothpaste. Dab a little on a whitehead pimple before going to bed and the toothpaste will help dehydrate the oil in the zit as you sleep. 


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