Organize Your Bedroom

Declutter your bedroom and create a serene space by following these simple tips.

Organized bedroom

A cluttered bedroom overflowing with unnecessary items can make it hard to relax. Turn your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary with these easy tips.

Get organized

  • Make sure you have adequate storage for clothes and shoes. Add an extra chest of drawers if you have the space, and utilize the area under the bed.
  • Choose a nightstand that suits your style. If you have a lot of reading material, pick a piece with a shelf or cabinet where you can store books and magazines. If you need space to hold tissues and medicine, use a nightstand with one or more drawers.
  • Coordinate clothes in your closet by color range—it is visually calming and will make dressing faster and easier. To create more room, opt for slim-profile hangers.
  • Eliminate everything extraneous and put files and projects elsewhere in your home.

Keep it clean

  • Every day: Pick up clothes and put them away or toss them in the hamper, make the bed and empty the trash.
  • One a week: Clean off nightstand surfaces, organize one dresser drawer, do laundry and put away clothes.
  • Once a month: Reorganize the closet and toss what you no longer wear.

Bonus: Store in style

  • Maximize wall space by installing chic box shelves, ideal for holding books, photos and other small items you want close at hand.
  • Put a bench or chest at the foot of the bed for stowing blankets or extra pillows—it also provides a place to sit when slipping on shoes.
  • Use shallow baskets that slide under a dresser or bed to hold out-of-season clothing.