Organize the Kitchen

Keep your kitchen organized with these easy tricks.

Organized kitchen

As one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen gets cluttered and dishevled often. Organizing your kitchen means less frustrating meal preparations and a quicker clean-up.

Get organized: 

  • Reserve counter space for appliances you use daily, such as the coffeemaker, toaster and microwave. Don’t pile them with jars of food, medicine bottles and paper.
  • Group your pots, pans and utensils according to activity—say, cooking versus baking—and store them in separate cabinets and drawers, if space allows. Apply this rule to food items in your pantry as well, segregating baking ingredients from other foodstuffs.
  • Use top drawers for everyday cutlery; middle drawers for kitchen tools such as whisks and mixing spoons; and lower drawers for less frequently used items, like entertaining pieces and barbecue utensils.
  • Find a new home for items you rarely use. Whether it’s formal china or a waffle iron, box it and keep it in the garage or basement.
  • If family members use the kitchen for activities other than cooking (like homework, for instance), set aside an area for their supplies.
  • Think vertically to create new storage space. Mount a pot rack on the ceiling, add a plate rail to hold lids and install a spice rack on the wall. Use under-cabinet space to attach a pull-down cookbook holder or a radio; they will be easily accessible but out of the way.
  • Don't skip the fridge. Organize your refrigerator so foods are always in the same place. Leave space to store leftovers so they aren’t overlooked.

Keep it clean: 

  • Put away dishes, clear and clean countertops and empty the trash and gather items for recycling every day.
  • Once a week: Clean out the fridge, neaten the contents of drawers and cabinets and round up items that don’t belong in the kitchen.
  • Once a month: Spend an hour organizing one area—a cabinet, the pantry, etc.
  • Assess your kitchenware. Match pots and pans with their lids and toss broken or unmatched pieces once a month.