Keep the Kids' Room Clean

Even the little ones need a clean bedroom. Try these simple tips to keep your kids' rooms nice and neat.

Organize kids room

Getting your childrens' rooms clean and keeping them that way is hard work. You can conquer the clutter (and have them help) with these easy-to-follow tips

Get organized: 

  • Enlist your children’s input in designing their own storage systems so they will be more invested in using them.
  • Choose containers in different colors to keep toys sorted. For instance, green for Legos and blue for action figures.
  • Take a photo of what goes in the container and tape it to the outside. This makes it fun and easy for preschoolers to match the toy to the picture.
  • Install over-the-door shoe bags for toys like small stuffed animals and dolls.
  • Provide essential items that your child will need to keep things in order: a hamper, a trash can and a step stool to access shelves.

Keep it clean: 

  • Have your kids make the bed, empty the trash and put away clothes and toys every day.
  • Once a week: They should put away laundry and organize shelves.
  • Go through bins with them weekly, making sure that items are properly sorted.
  • Once a month: Remove clothing and shoes that no longer fit.
  • Edit down playthings monthly, ask your child to donate one toy for every new item he received that month.