The Best Paper Organizing Apps

Clear paper clutter from your countertops and your bag—for good!—with these smart app solutions that help you reduce and organize household paperwork.

These are the best paper organizing apps
  • To clip digital coupons, download Coupon Sherpa (free, Android and Apple). This app delivers hundreds of store and restaurant coupons directly to your smartphone. Shops can scan them directly from the screen, no printing required. The only downside? There aren't a lot of supermarket deals.
  • To find grocery discounts, download SavingStar (free, Android, Apple). You pay the regular price in the store; the savings from the coupons you select are added to your account. Once you reach $5, you can put the amount in your bank account, redeem it for an Amazon gift card or donate it to charity.
  • To write your grocery list, download Grocery iQ (free, Android, Apple). Select items from the app's database and the program will sort them by category (condiments, deli case, etc.). The app automatically suggests coupons for items on your list, and you can save your favorites to make repeat trips even easier.
  • To reduce junk mail, download PaperKarma (free, Android, Apple). This app lets you stop unwanted catalogs and credit card offers in their tracks. Take a photo of the return address on the offending mailers and hit "send." You'll be unsubscribed—really!
  • To clean up the kitchen, visit Upload photos of your recipes and have them converted to digital text ($20 for 30 uploads). Or enter text manually at no cost (those handwritten recipes from Grandma, for instance). And search the Web for recipes you've gathered from books and magazines, adding the URLs to your collection. gives you free access to nearly 2 million recipes. And you can sort and store everything in virtual cookbooks.
  • To make sure you're never caught without your rewards cards, download CardStar (free, Android, Apple). OK, so they aren't exactly paper, but all those loyalty cards from supermarkets and other stores pile up just the same. Lighten the load in your wallet or on your key chain by scanning the cards into your smartphone with CardStar. You can add library and gym membership cards, too. When you check out (or check in), scan the bar code on your phone's screen.
  • To file school notices, download Evernote (free, Android, Apple). Scan documents such as team rosters or school memos, then save them in a searchable file. Snap photos of business cards and store them alphabetically. Make to-do lists and text them to family members. Upload instruction manuals (find PDFs on company websites). All the information is password-protected and stored online in a secure data center. With a free basic account you can upload up to 60 megabytes of data per month, with unlimited storage; get 1 gigabyte of uploads for $5 monthly.