16 Clever Uses for Aluminum Foil

This kitchen pantry staple isn’t just great for leftovers! Here's how to use foil for cleaning, gardening, fixing floor tiles, and much more

try this kitchen staple throughout the whole home

Almost every home has a roll of aluminum foil for cooking or storing leftovers, but aluminum foil has many more practical applications you might not have tried:

1. Sharpen scissors: Simply cut a piece of foil a few times for extra sharp scissors.

2. Bake a better pie crust: Prevent pie crusts from burning by covering the edges with foil. 

3. Speed-clean your iron: Clean the gunk off your iron by running a hot iron over a piece of foil. 

4. Scrub without a scrubber: Use a balled-up piece of foil to get rid of baked-on messes on metal pots and pans. 

5. Create a free-form cake pan: Create a unique cake shape by free forming a double layer of foil into a shape then fill with cake mix and bake. 

6. Shine silver: Reveal the sparkle of your silver by lining a casserole dish with foil, place silver, water to cover and two teaspoons of salt. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse then dry.

7. Make steel wool last longer: Keep steel wool from getting rusty by placing it in a soap dish lined with foil.

8. Heat your home more efficiently: Is your home heated by old cast iron radiators? Wrap a piece of plywood with heavy-duty foil and place one behind each heater to help reflect heat into your home as opposed to the wall. 

9. Fix loose battery connections: Remote control suddenly stop working, even though the batteries are fresh? Sometimes the spring that holds the negative side of a battery in place comes loose: Fold a piece of foil several times and wedge between the battery and the loose spring. 

10. Iron clothes more quickly: A piece of foil under your ironing board cover will help retain the heat and speed up your ironing. 

11. Make a kitchen funnel: Need a funnel in a pinch? Try forming one with foil! 

12. Remove rust: Rust on car bumpers, shower curtain rods, and bicycles can be rubbed away with a crumpled up piece of foil. 

13. Fix a loose tile: If you have a loose vinyl tile, place a piece of foil over it and run a hot iron over the surface. The iron will reactivate the adhesive backing to help it stick. 

14. Protect from paint drips: Cover door handles, knobs, and other fixtures with foil when painting to protect against stray drops and drips.

15. Clean a grill: Crumple up a piece of foil and rub it on your outdoor grill to remove burnt on bits. 

16. Make a sun box for plants: Get your plants to grow straight up with a sun box. Take the top and side off of a box, line with foil, then place the plant in a vessel inside. The open side should face towards the sun—the other foil lined sides will help give the plant more direct light, helping it grow straight.