13 Uses for Binder Clips

Binder clips are for more than just keeping papers in order. Here are 13 clever ways to use binder clips for everything from organizing your freezer to tidying up your craft supplies

binder clip uses

1. Organize your freezer: Secure bags of frozen fruits and veggies with binder clips, and hang clips from the shelf in your freezer to keep space open for items that need to lay flat. (h/t Lifehacker)

2. Use as a billfold: Fold bills and binder-clip them together to keep money neat and organized outside of a wallet.

3. Corral cables: Attach an extra-large binder clip to the back of a desk or table, then thread a charger cord through the handle to prevent multiple cords from getting tangled.

4. Cover razors: To prevent accidents, clip and binder clip over your shaving razor when storing or when packing for travel.

5. Get the most toothpaste out of the tube: As you roll the toothpaste tube up, secure the end with a binder clip to help ensure that you get every last bit.

6. Hold a wet sponge upright to dry: Place the flat part of a clip on a counter with the handles pointing up. Wedge the sponge between the handles.

7. Make the most of your bulletin board: Use binder clips as hangers for thick packets of paper, envelopes, or any papers you don't want to puncture with a pushpin: Clip the papers together, then hang the metal loop over a pushpin attached to a cork board.

8. Keep chips fresh: Seal a bag of chips closed with a heavy duty binder clip.

9. Organize ribbons: Keep your ribbon from unraveling by placing a binder clip on the spool before putting it away. (h/t Real Simple)

10. Frame a picture on your desktop: Make a mini photo stand: Paste a photo to a piece of colorful paperboard or cardboard, clip the bottom corners with a couple of cute patterned binder clips, and flip the metal loops down to balance.

11. Label pantry shelves: Stick a label on the bottom of a binder clip and use it to label a shelf in your pantry or linen closet. (h/t WikiHow)

12. Stand up a glue gun: Have a sad glue gun without its kickstand? Use a binder clip to keep it propped and ready to work. (h/t Sew Many Ways)

13. Keep garbage bags from slipping: Clip garbage bags to the bin with a binder clip and you won't have to worry about it ill fitting bags slipping and spilling garbage.