8 Surprising Eggshell Uses

Before you toss those eggshells in the trash, try one of these genius uses!

try this genius uses for eggshells

Instead of trashing your eggshells, why not put them to use in your home, in your garden, or even in your beauty routine? 

Soothe your skin: Place an eggshell in a mason jar with apple cider vinegar. Let soak for a few days, then dab the mixture onto minor skin irritations to help soothe.

Grow healthier plants: Feed your plants with vitamin rich eggshells: Before planting, sprinkle crumbled-up shells into holes in soil, then every 2 weeks sprinkle shells over garden soil for added vitamins.

Repel garden pests: Eggshells help keep pests like slugs and snails away from plants.

Unclog a sink: Got a clogged up drain? Try flushing down crushed eggshells to help break up the buildup of grease and hair. 

Make your coffee more delicious: Coffee can taste less bitter when eggshells are added to the ground coffee before brewing. 

Exfoliate your skin: Make a DIY face mask by pulverizing eggshells with a mortar and pestle, then mixing with egg white. Spread on skin, allow to dry, then wash off. 

Boost your compost: Toss eggshells into your compost pile to give it a calcium boost. 

Make houseplants happy: Keep shells and water in a mason jar and use as a houseplant booster whenever you need to water.