10 little-known pet health hazards

Get to know these dangerous plants so you don’t end up with a sick pet and a hefty vet bill.

These flowers may be beautiful, but if your pet ingests them, they can cause health problems including nausea and even death. If you have these plants in your home, remove them or keep them out of your pets’ reach. To see more potentially harmful flowers, type “poisonous plants” into the search box at hsus.org.

  • Azalea plant
  • Buttercup (the leaves are especially toxic)
  • Daffodil bulbs
  • Day lily (toxic to cats)
  • Easter lily (toxic to cats)
  • Hyacinth bulbs
  • Iris leaves and roots
  • Narcissus bulbs
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Wisteria pods and seeds

 Source: Humane Society of the United States