Shop safely—without breaking the bank


There are plenty of low-cost alternatives to products with harmful chemicals. To find them, try these tips. 

toxins in the home

Use these easy, low-cost alternatives to protect your family from harmful chemicals:

  • Scan for seals: Third parties analyze some green cleaning products and certify that they contain only safer ingredients. Seals to look for: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment, Green Seal and EcoLogo.
  • Investigate your cosmetics: To determine if your beauty products are safe, go to the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep cosmetics safety database. Breast Cancer Action also maintains a list of companies with paraben-free cosmetics.
  • Avoid big words: Words you can’t pronounce, like pentaerythrityl, should tip you off to the fact that the product might contain toxic chemicals. Buy items with ingredients that sound familiar, such as aloe and lavender.
  • Phone or click: Contact the company directly. Dial the toll-free number (on the back of most products) or visit the company website and click on “Contact Us” to send a message asking if the items contain the chemicals in this article.