Valentine's Day

Celebrate a Happy Valentine's Day with easy crafts and recipes that all say "I Love You"

Make Your Own Valentine's Gift Bags

Dress up plain bags with glittery paper, tiny bows and hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Sweet treat gift bags


  • Scissors 
  • Small white bags (at craft stores) 
  • Two sheets of glittered card stock (one pink, one red; at craft stores) 
  • Hot-glue gun or glue stick 
  • Pink or red tissue paper 
  • Treats
  • FOR GRADUATED-HEARTS BAG  Four heart-shaped paper punches in graduated sizes (at craft stores)
  • FOR HEART-BORDER BAG  Medium heart-shaped paper punch  8"–10" pink ribbon

Graduated-hearts bag
1. Snip handles off bag. Punch out four heart shapes of card stock in graduated sizes, starting with small pink heart, then red heart in next size, followed by a pink and then a red, using the largest punch.

2. Glue hearts together, one on top of another (see photo), then glue to bag. Line bag with tissue paper and fill with treats.

Heart-border bag
1. Snip handles off bag. Cut two strips each of red and pink card stock to fit width of bag (cut each strip about 1/3 the height of bag and at least ½" taller than size of medium heart punch).

2. Punch out a row of three hearts on both pieces of pink card stock, making center hearts upside down.

3. Glue each pink strip to a red strip. Align one strip with top edge of bag and glue. Align other strip with bottom edge of bag and glue.

4. Tie bow and glue to center of bag. Line with tissue paper and fill with treats.