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Free Sample of Bigelow Tea

Free sample: Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee

How to get it: Click on the link below, “like” Folgers on Facebook, and fill out the short form that pops up. (And yes, you have to be a Facebook member already or sign up for an account to get in on this freebie. Sorry if you’re not on Facebook and/or don’t want to create a Facebook account!)

You can also select your sample of choice — flavors include: 100% Colombian and Black Silk. Breakfast Blend, sadly, is no longer available, so hurry before the others go too! Your sample should appear at your doorstep in 6 to 8 weeks according to Folgers’ Facebook page.

Get the sample: Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee

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We strive to find the best free samples from around the Web every day.  But because they are often fulfilled by other companies and not by ALL YOU, we cannot control the quantity of the samples available, or the length or terms of the offer.

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